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Property Solves Proffesionals

We thrive in Excellecnce

At Property Solve Professionals, we refine real estate solutions with a dynamic approach that goes beyond transactions

It about turning your property aspirations into tangible realities. As a leading force in the industry. we take pride in our commintment to client success and innovation.

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Who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but because occasionally circumstances occur.

- Adesina Adeoye Gabriel, Founder.


Idea Homes

Find your dreams with Property Solves Professionals Limited

Our real estate platform is a powerful tool that combines the benefits of traditional real estate brokerage with the advantages of network marketing. Our platform is designed to help real estate agents and brokers build a network of referral partners, earn commissions on referrals, and grow their businesses through a unique and proven business model

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Our Core Values



We offer best Service for our partners.


Excellence Outcome are expected from us.


Creativity is our goal.


We are Unique


We are very Responsive


Very Exclusive


We Deliver the best


To reduce housing deficit globally, by empowering passionate individuals, to be financially free and live quality lifestyle and own thier dream home.


At our Real Estate Company, we envision a future where the dream of quality home ownership is not just a possibility but a guarantee. Our vision is rooted in the aspirations, provides security and fosters a sense of belonging.

In a world where housing represents more than just physical shelter, we are commited to ensuring that the journey to quality home ownership is accessible and seamles for every individual and family. we see a landscape where the process is not daunting, but rather, an exciting and transformative experience.

Our oulook surpasses the mere business dealings in real estate. it involves a profound comprehension of the emotional and financial importance associated with owning a home. We aim to serve as the conduit linking aspirations to actuality, providing a variety of housing options tailored to wide array of needs and preferences.


Real Estate Development

we are involved in development , construction and completion of real estate development solutions to our clients. We deliver within work scope ,budget and time line , without compromising quality and integrity in service

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Are you ready to seize control of your financial future?

Property Solves Professionals are here to guide you towards Unleashing Your Financial Potential.

PSP Land Investment offers you the opportunity to invest in land and potentially earn up to 40% in returns without direct involvement.

Investing in land holds a myriad of advantages that render it an appealing choice for many individuals

Our land investments can serve as your gateway to a world of wealth-building prospects and enduring financial stability.

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Are you ready to seize control of your financial future?

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Introducing the Pay Small Small Land Ownership Program - Your Path to Property Ownership!

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  • Phone Number

  • +234 (0) 915 999 959 1

  • Lekki Lagos,

  • 32 lekki county homes, lekki Lagos Nigeria